Learn Announcing the 2018 CAMH Innovation in Teaching Award

Published on April 11th, 2018 | from CAMH Education

Announcing the 2018 CAMH Innovation in Teaching Award

With June approaching and CAMH Education Achieve Week on the horizon, nominations are now open for the 2018 CAMH Innovation in Teaching Award.

This award is presented to a CAMH individual or team in recognition of their innovative approach to teaching—any teaching strategy, style, technique or tool that is used to produce quantifiable gain or learner outcomes or experiences at CAMH.

Each year we honour a CAMH staff or faculty member who embodies the innovation theme chosen for that year by naming the award after that person. This year, we present the Ivan Silver Award for Excellence in Educational Mentorship, a salute to our VP of Education at CAMH.

An educational mentor is a willing and enthusiastic individual who provides ongoing support and guidance to help shape the professional growth and development of another educator, with the overarching aim of improving learner outcomes. Educational mentors inspire their mentees and help to facilitate their academic, educational and professional development goals. This award recognizes  dedication and deep commitment to the growth and development of others as excellent teachers, through their ongoing mentorship.

Playfulness, creativity, innovation and a sense of fun

We asked colleagues to describe how Ivan has been an educational mentor to them. Here are some of their responses:

“Ivan is a great role model. I have learnt from him to nurture my curiosity and develop ideas into a vision. I have also learnt from Ivan to believe in the vision and work persistently in its realization. He has inspired me and others to strive for excellence and to innovate.”

Anupam Thakur

“He exhibits playfulness in his approach to teaching, modelling creativity, innovation and a sense of fun in this work.”

Priya Watson

“It was a privilege to have worked with and learned from Ivan. He is an inspiring leader and educator. I have very much appreciated his ability to appreciate and value the work, no matter how big or important, of all of those around him.”

Shaheen Darani

Nominating a CAMH individual or team

Nomination form must be submitted by Friday, May 4, 2018, at 12 p.m.

Nominees must:

  • be directly involved in the mentorship of individuals/groups in the area of Education (i.e., development as an excellent teacher) for a minimum of a one year period
  • have a minimum of five years of teaching experience working in a mental health context
  • possess a strong understanding of mentorship as a mechanism to improve professional development
  • for individual nominations, they must be a CAMH employee or hold privileges to practice medicine at CAMH
  • for team nominations, at least one member of the team must be a CAMH employee or hold privileges to practice medicine at CAMH
  • have positively influenced the development and trajectory of growth of individuals or teams in the area of Education
  • have demonstrated a deep commitment and involvement in the mentorship process.

Nominated teams can comprise clinical or non-clinical team members, clients and their families, management and hospital administrative/non-clinical staff.

Consideration of nominated teams will be strengthened by their inclusion of multiple roles—professions/disciplines collaborating in the development of mentorship programs to enhance teaching capacity of others.

The winner(s) will be presented with their award at a celebration event on Tuesday, June 12, during CAMH Education Achieve Week.



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