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Special meaning for CAMH in Ontario Budget

By Dr. Catherine Zahn, President & CEO, CAMH

Alongside investments in housing and life-saving treatments like psychotherapy, mental health services for people in the prison population, and the introduction of free access to prescription medicine for young Ontarians, the recent Ontario budget included an endorsement of CAMH’s submission for Phase 1D.

Phase 1D is the fourth phase of the CAMH Queen Street Redevelopment Plan, and part of our CAMH Master Plan and Vision. We have advocated for safe, patient-centred forensic facilities for many years. Phase 1D will replace existing facilities for services that we provide to inpatients and outpatients with complex mental illness who have encountered the justice system. Our goals for Phase 1D include design elements that will promote recovery, while improving staff and patient safety.

The government announced an initial $2.5 million to kick-off the planning process. This means that the province is giving CAMH an early signal of their strong commitment to proceed with the build. We anticipate further financial commitments towards planning and design – and ultimately construction that could begin following the demolition of units 2 and 4 in 2021.

We are thrilled that the Ontario government has recognized the need for improved facilities for this population. Phase 1D will ensure that the province’s most marginalized patients will receive care in a safe, respectful and recovery oriented space.

A special thank you to the CAMH teams that work in these services, for the work that you do.  I hope you are excited to build a future together in this next phase of our redevelopment.

I will keep you updated as the project proceeds!

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2 Responses to Special meaning for CAMH in Ontario Budget

  1. Annick says:

    I may not live long enough to see Phase 1 D, but i look with much anticipation to Phase 1C which at long last will adress SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESS.. Could we be spared for a while from the euphemisms hiding the severity of this illness. People with the knowledge and dedication of CAMH will recover from serious mental illness, they will not recover from “mental Health: !

  2. Maxim says:

    I think completion of project 1D will be wonderful. One issue with units 2,4 is plumbing problems like some toilets leak water and don’t stop flushing for a full minute. Some showers’ temperature control is broken so the water goes hot or cold on its ‘own’. These units were built in the 1970s if I am not mistaken. Its about time to replace them with modern facilities. I’m sure the upgrades will benefit the clients/patients and staff enormously.

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