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Published on February 24th, 2014 | from CAMH Education

FYPP Part One: Introducing the CAMH Focus on Youth Psychosis Prevention Clinic

By Catherine Marshall, FYPP Clinic

The Focus on Youth Psychosis Prevention (FYPP) Clinic has been developed to help identify and treat people ages 16 to 35 who are at risk of developing psychosis. We help young people who have become distressed by changes in their thoughts, perceptions, and feelings.

Psychosis happens when a person loses contact with reality and cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imaginary. Psychosis usually appears in a person’s late teens or early twenties, which is why we focus on youth and young adults who have started to experience bothersome changes.

Mental and emotional problems are often like physical problems; the sooner they are treated, the better. The longer an illness is left untreated, the greater the impact it can have on a person’s ability to study, work, make friends and interact comfortably with others.

Management and Education

The FYPP Clinic offers assessment and treatment. We offer psychosocial interventions and medication strategies. We also offer education for clients and their family members.

Our Research

We want to learn more about early identification and prevention of mental illness. To do this, we ask clients to participate in research studies that are being carried out at CAMH.

How it Works

Referrals can be made by psychiatrists, family physicians, or other mental health professionals. We also accept direct self-referrals and referrals from concerned family members. It is important for the person to have a family physician in order to allow for continuity of care.

Click here to download the FYPP clinic brochure (PDF)

Next week we’ll have a look at early signs and identification of psychosis.

CAMH FYPP brochureHow to Reach Us

FYPP Clinic
252 College Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5T 1R8
Tel: 416 535-8501 ext. 32517
Email: fyppclinic@camh.ca
Attn: Catherine Marshall, FYPP Clinic
Fax: 416 979-4264

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Tel: 416 535-8501 ext. 36234 or 6496

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Mood and Anxiety Services
Fax: 416 979-6815

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