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Dr. Michaela Beder: Physician’s role as activist and educator [video]

Dr. Michaela Beder is a 5th year psychiatry resident who was working in CAMH’s Proact team until July. Working with Proact gave Michaela an opportunity to work in the community and see for herself how the psychosocial determinants of health are impacting her clients.

We sat down with Michaela while she was working at Proact to talk about how physician activism can be a tool for educating others. Michaela believes that you have to do what you are passionate about. Her passions include cultural psychiatry, recovery, poverty and health, and special considerations for migrants.  Central to her beliefs on these areas, Michaela is quick to acknowledge that healthcare providers need to develop awareness of their privilege and how this can create power dynamics in the therapeutic alliances they are working to establish with clients.

As an educator, Michaela favours a collaborative approach, incorporating cofacilitation that places equal value on lived experience. “Teaching should engage people, not focus on a single ‘expert'” notes Michaela.

She believes that education should help us ask the right questions so that we can rethink how the way we practice to address inequities and engages the community effectively.

Interested in hearing more? Watch our the full interview with Michaela.

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2 Responses to Dr. Michaela Beder: Physician’s role as activist and educator [video]

  1. Ari Zaretsky says:

    Michaela, you walk the talk. Your passion has made you a role model for residents and faculty in our Department!

  2. ivan says:

    How can we translate the messages that Dr. Beder is saying to other students and faculty at CAMH? How can we embrace social activism in mental health and addictions education here? Lets have some discussion of the answers to these questions!!

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