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Summary from February 23rd Strategic Planning Session

What would you like to see happening with CAMH in three years time?

A community of educators:

  • Develop a community of educators to share experience and resources and increase collaboration, including partnerships with external professionals and organizations.
  • Provide improved faculty development opportunities, including supports in curriculum development, utilizing educational technologies, editing and facilitation.
  • Maximize interdisciplinary potential of our work in all stages of the work.

A true learning organization:

  • Provide opportunities for all staff to make contributions to education and training at CAMH by establishing protected time to contribute to education and publication development, as well as considering incentives to staff who complete education.
  • Establish dedicated training spaces.
  • Improve academic connections for all disciplines.
  • Develop curriculum plans that adhere to CAMH values, vision, goals, are also competency- and evidence-based, that concentrate on practice integration, and are responsive to the feedback from our learners about what they want and need. It will be important for us to also consider how to incorporate health equity, complementary approaches and strategies for engaging diverse communities into our curriculum.
  • Improve access to and use of educational technologies, such as interactive online learning tools, use of tablets and a simulation lab.

CAMH as the leader in mental health and addiction education

  • Become recognized as a leader in interprofessional addiction and mental health education, building on our reputation provincially and beyond.
  • Strengthen public education programs and access to educational resources and programming for clients and their families.
  • Improve marketing of our programming internally and externally—not all of our work is well-known. For example, an “at a glance” listing of programs for staff would be beneficial.
  • Increase evaluation of the impacts of our work and development of best practices.

How can you contribute to achieving these goals?

  • Embrace education, including mentorship and ensuring welcoming environment for visiting students.
  • Foster an environment where it is safe to make mistakes and ask for support.
  • Model “learning organization” leadership by embracing learning opportunities personally and for the team, being open to creative and innovative approaches and encouraging involvement by all team members.
  • Free up staff time to participate in learning activities, and develop and facilitate training.
  • Recognize the efforts of people who are contributing to quality education at CAMH.
  • Contribute clinical champions to participate in planning and implementation of clinical training.
  • Share internal training and production expertise (instructional design, editing, use of technology, facilitation, etc.) and circulate information to ensure colleagues are aware of initiatives that are taking place.
  • Enthusiastically participate in more collaborative events and activities, such as an online community of practice, that bring together all CAMH educators with a common purpose.
  • Assist in getting feedback from frontline staff, clients, families and other stakeholders about the education programming they want and need to inform our ongoing strategic planning processes.

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